Adult Classes

We offer adult evening and day classes that run in 6 week blocks. You will learn how to make a pot from start to finish. You will be taught various ways of making from pinching, coiling, slab building and throwing. Over the course you will be able to fire 6 big mug size pots, but this rule is flexible depending on what you make. We put this rule in place to focus on the quality of the work, so you can get the best out of the piece.

6 week block, 2.5 hours per session. You will need to bring an apron (or old button up shirt) and an old hand towel. If you have some pottery tools feel free to bring them but make sure they are named. The price of the course is £150.

2020 Saturday 6 week morning classes 10.30 til 13.00.

  • 11th Jun to 15th Feb. 4 places

  • 29th Feb. to 4th April. 4 places

  • 18th April to 23th may. 4 places



Children Classes

We offer children classes in the studio. One adult and one child classes, where you and your child will learn how to make pottery together, and have a object that could last forever and a beautiful experience that you shared with each other.

Overview of the class; a pinch pot is the first thing you will both be making, then you will be shown how to turn this pot into something else, robot, pig, cup the list goes on. Older children will then make a coil pot. I will show you how to role out coils of clay and start building. Younger children will cut out shapes and patterns and press them in to a bowl or cup mould. There should be time to paint the first pot, but both pots will be fired and you will be able to collect at a later date.

Classes are 2.30 hours long, 4 spaces per class (adult and child account for 1 space). Cost is £35 all materials included, to make up to 4 pieces.

One-to-one/ Private events


If you are interested in gaining more knowledge in making pottery on the wheel to make more technical objects, or learn more about glazing. Times for these sessions are 2hours long and cost £40. Contact me to arrange times and dates.

The studio can hold private events. You and your group can have a tailored “clay experience” for a birthday or special occasion and work on pieces individually or as a group.

Contact me for more info.